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Archbishop Murphy engages a young girl in conversation next to the altar during Mass.

The parish – where we find God and God finds us

Archbishop Murphy viewed the parish community as the foundation upon which the church is built. He preached constantly the importance of vibrant parishes to the maintenance and growth of the church.

The archbishop expressed his thoughts on the parish community in a column in the October 17, 1991 edition of the Catholic Northwest Progress, “Over and over again, when people are asked what is most important to them as members of the church today, the response is the parish community to which they belong. The parish is the single most important part of the church. Pope John Paul II describes the parish as a ‘community in which and with which Jesus Christ reconfirms the presence of God.’ The parish is where people find God and God finds us.

Click here to read Archbishop Murphy’s October 17, 1991 Catholic Northwest Progress “In Joy and Hope” column – “The parish: where we find God and God finds us.”

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