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The Archdiocese of Seattle charts a new course forward

Archbishop Murphy forged a strong partnership with Archbishop Hunthausen. Together, they brought the Vatican review and oversight process of the Archdiocese of Seattle to a swift and successful conclusion. The Archdiocese of Seattle emerges into a new period of peace and harmony. The two prelates set a new course to serve all current members of their flock, increase the number of Catholics in the archdiocese and further expand the reach of the Catholic Church in Western Washington.

Many years later, after the death of Archbishop Murphy, Archbishop Hunthausen shared the following reflection, “It was my privilege for several years to share with Archbishop Murphy in the awesome task of leading the Church in this large, far-flung and very alive archdiocese. Our understanding of Church, shaped by the liberating vision of the Second Vatican Council, made our common task exciting. Our friendship made it a joy. We were very different people, to be sure, but we stood together comfortably on common ground.”

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