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Archbishop Murphy delivers a sermon to the attendees at a Mass dedicated to ending racism at Immaculate Conception Church in Seattle, WA.

Seeking an end to all forms of violence

Archbishop Murphy viewed all forms of violence, especially racism, as a threat to the gift of life and a denial of basic human dignity. He cited the Holocaust as a teaching example by stating the following, “Though we are shocked by the violence which plagues our society today and infiltrates so many of our lives and communities, we need to reflect on the violence which has been a part of our history as a human race, especially the violence which has taken place in our own lifetime. The ultimate violence which has characterized the present century is an event which we call ‘the Holocaust.’ Fifty years ago, six million Jews and three million people of other faiths and beliefs were exterminated. History has no record of any greater violence perpetrated by human beings toward one another.”

He concluded by stating, “The violence of today’s society has deep roots fed by a racism which denies the dignity of every human being made in the image of God. We cannot allow ourselves or our world to forget what racism can do to the human race. The Holocaust is a reality we must never forget.”

Click here to read Archbishop Murphy’s May 14, 1992 Catholic Northwest Progress “In Joy and Hope” column – “The Holocaust – a memory or reality today?”

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