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Vocations – laying the foundation for the future of the Archdiocese of Seattle

Archbishop Murphy deeply loved the priesthood. Many family, friends and associates often remarked that he was born to be a priest. He was intimately aware of the importance of recruiting, educating and maintaining quality candidates for the priesthood. Vocations were one of his major points of emphasis as Archbishop of Seattle. More than 30 young men heard the call to priesthood during his tenure.

The archbishop shared the following thought on vocations, “At the heart of any church vocation is the willingness to serve others in God’s name. The primary focus of a church vocation is not ourselves, but the people whom we serve. It is a living for others in order to have the reign of God grow in today’s world. In a world that emphasizes the need to respond only to one’s own agenda and self-satisfaction, a church vocation creates a unique opportunity for fulfillment, joy and the satisfaction that comes in the service of others in God’s name.”

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