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Archbishop Murphy plays in the sandbox with a group of school children during recess.

Offering young people the gift of faith

Archbishop Murphy placed a high degree of importance on finding meaningful ways to engage children, teenagers and young adults in the Gospel and the core beliefs and values of the church. He once commented “I am not only interested in the young people because they represent the future of the church, but also because they are a vital constituency right now.”

The archbishop shared the following thought in the May 26, 1994 edition of the Catholic Northwest Progress, “The best gift I believe we can offer young people is the gift of faith. By faith, I mean the rich tradition we share as disciples of Jesus. There is so much in our faith tradition that speaks to the needs of the human heart, especially the hearts of the young. Our faith is rich in signs and symbols. Our faith speaks to the realities of sin and grace, acceptance and forgiveness, community and hope. We have the rich resources of the word of God, celebrations of Eucharist and reconciliation, a commitment to service of the poor and needy. It is tragic when we do not take time to help young people understand and appreciate the heritage which is theirs.”

Click here to read Archbishop Murphy’s May 26, 1994 Catholic Northwest Progress “In Joy and Hope” column – “Would you like to see the future?”

Click here to view a video of the Very Reverend George L. Thomas, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Seattle, describing Archbishop Murphy’s passion for ministering to young people.

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