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Archbishop Murphy anoints the head of a young man making his confirmation with chrism (oil) at St. Mary’s Parish in Aberdeen, WA on April 13, 1997.

First confirmation

Celebrating the sacrament of confirmation offered a very unique and powerful way for Bishop Murphy to make a meaningful connection with and leave a lasting impression on young people. He celebrated the sacrament of confirmation for the fist time on January 28, 1979 at St. Joseph’s Parish in Plentywood, MT.

The bishop defined confirmation in the January 30, 1979 Montana Catholic Register columns as follows, “A celebration of this sacrament reminds all of us that we are called to be mature Christians in faith and prayer. Confirmation should mark the beginning of an adult inquiry into the meaning of our faith which will continue until the day we die. Confirmation is not the end of Christian education; it is rather the beginning in so many ways.”

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