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Archbishop Murphy performs the “Laying on of Hands” – the most solemn part of the ordination of a priest.

First conferral of holy orders as Archbishop of Seattle

The ordination of priests was one of the most meaningful aspects of Archbishop Murphy’s ministry. He conferred the sacrament of holy orders for the first time in his role as Archbishop of Seattle on June 18, 1992 on Robert Camuso, Tuan Nguyen, and John Wilkie.

Archbishop Murphy shared the following with the congregation in his homily, “In a few moments, Bob, Tuan and John, you will lie prostrate on the sanctuary floor. It is the sign and symbol of your willingness to allow God’s grace and love to touch your whole selves. May your ministry as priests enrich the lives of others. May you be reconcilers and prophets, hearers of God’s word and proclaimers of that same word. May you be priests who build up the community of God’s people, and may you retreat into the solitude of God’s presence.”

Click here to read Archbishop Murphy’s June 18, 1992 Catholic Northwest Progress “In Joy and Hope” column – “Homily for ordination to priesthood”

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