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Celebrating the Eucharist – a call to unify the Roman Catholic faith community

Bishop Murphy viewed the celebration of the Eucharist as our greatest treasure within the church. It serves as a gathering point, a convergence of faith. He shared the following thought in the April 15, 1980 edition of the Montana Catholic Register, “The Eucharist is at the heart of Christian life and worship. The Eucharist becomes the focal point for gathering the Christian community together each week. Our identity as Catholics is celebrated in the Mass.

“Each parish community is asked to respond to the challenge of our belief in the Eucharist by truly making it a full and active celebration of the community. This does not just happen. It demands prayer and preparation by all involved. It demands special leadership from the priest not only in preparing a homily to reflect on the word of God, but to call the people of the parish community to a celebration of faith, hope and love.”

Click here to read Bishop Murphy’s April 15, 1980 Montana Catholic Register “Reflections” column – “A Letter from the Holy Father.”

Click here to read Bishop Murphy’s December 12, 1982 Montana Catholic Register “Reflections” column – “What’s at the heart of being Catholic.”

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