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Bishop Murphy pictured in Rome at the North American Catholic College.

And justice for all

Bishop Murphy believed strongly that all of God’s sons and daughters were true gifts made in the image of their creator. In his view, each of these gifts should be accorded an appropriate measure of respect and dignity.

He shared the following thought in his column in the April 26, 1981 edition of the Montana Catholic Register, “Our faith demands an awareness of justice. To appreciate the invitation of faith and the challenge of justice that is its essential component, we need only look to the person of Jesus of Nazareth. When Jesus washed the feet of his disciples the night before he suffered, he told us graphically that to be Christian is to serve. If faith is to be real, justice is part of it. Action on behalf of justice is an integral part of the practicing Christian’s lifestyle. Social justice is a challenge for the individual Christian today. Our response to that challenge could make a difference as far as the future is concerned.”

Click here to read Bishop Murphy’s April 26, 1981 Montana Catholic Register “Reflections” column – “Should the Church Speak on Social Justice.”

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