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Expressing gratitude for an anonymous gift of life

After his release from the hospital, Archbishop Murphy’s condition required that he receive transfusions of blood and platelets every 7-10 days. He was deeply thankful for what he termed an anonymous gift of life that was shared by another human being.

At the time, the archbishop offered the following thought, “I go to Providence Hospital every 7-10 days for a blood transfusion because I can’t generate enough blood to keep me going. … When the nurse brings in a pint of blood, you don’t know who has given it. … But someone anonymously and with no strings attached, has given me a gift that keeps me alive. That pint of blood is a symbol of people sharing the gift of life. I pray for each of them when I receive their gift. And I say thank you.”

Click here to view a video of Archbishop Murphy expressing his gratitude for the anonymous gift of life he received every 7-10 days in the form of blood and platelets to sustain his life. 

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